Students for Life of America Submits Legal Analysis to the Environmental Protection Agency, Detailing Reasons for Tracking the Active Metabolites in Chemical Abortion Pills because “Everyone needs Safe Drinking Water”

“It’s painfully ironic that the Biden Administration’s environmental zealots will make gas stoves and functioning cars a thing of the past while demanding government-sanctioned, corporate dumping of aborted human children and pathological waste. The Pro-Life Generation is calling on the EPA to track the active metabolites in the pollution from Chemical Abortion Pills that today are flushed into our drinking water,” said Students for Life of America’s Kristan Hawkins. “The EPA must do its job and add the elements of Chemical Abortion Pills to its ‘forever chemicals’ monitoring. Everyone needs safe drinking water.”

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WASHINGTON D.C. (02-05-2024) – Students for Life of America President Kristan Hawkins delivered a letter today to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) asking the governmental watch dog to expand its tracking of “forever chemicals” to include those active in the first of the two drugs used in Chemical Abortion Pills. While the dangerous implications for women and preborn children from the pills has been getting much needed attention over the last year through court cases, SFLA has [a]been groundbreaking in identifying additional harms that NIH published studies show can extend to the environment, endangered species, and recreational waterways. Those concerns are detailed in a series of citizen petitions filed in 2023 with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which are prerequisites to legal action against the agency that five times ignored requirements for thorough environmental analysis.

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“The No Test, Online Distribution of Chemical Abortion Pills established by the Biden Administration’s FDA exposes women to injury, infertility, and even death. Now, abusers and sex traffickers can easily get the drugs to use against women without their knowledge and consent. But the recklessness of Biden’s administration also has implications for America’s water safety too, as today, chemically tainted blood, placenta tissue, and human remains are flushed away by a means of abortion that now used to commit more than half of all such deaths,” said Hawkins.

“We don’t have a National Abortion Reporting Law actually tracking the number and adverse outcomes of abortion, and we don’t track the pollutants that Biden’s FDA allows to be flushed into our drinking water. Today, we are officially calling on the EPA to add the deadly elements in Chemical Abortion pills to their forever chemical tracking to ensure that the Biden team’s policies aren’t poisoning the environment.”

SFLA Corporate Counsel Zac Kester observed: “Today we sent a letter to the EPA requesting that they investigate Mifepristone in our nation’s waterways and treat it with the same amount of concern as in their recent moves related to PFAS and other “forever chemicals.” This means historic, substantive, and scientific analysis that treats these damaging chemicals with the appropriate care and ensures that our Nation is protected from their persistent dumping into public waters and land. We call on the EPA to leverage their resources in carrying out this task and to properly regulate this hazardous substance that is only growing in amount.”

In the letter, Hawkins notes:

“In recent years, and largely in 2023, the EPA has increased its efforts to regulate per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (“PFAS”). With rulemaking, guidance, published initiatives, newly established pollution standards, and more, the EPA has addressed concerns of pollution as a result of PFAS being released on large scales into the environment. The EPA’s increased understanding of the environmental harms these chemicals create has led it to take a closer look at the issue and ultimately implement new strategies and regulations to control the release of PFAS and monitor their impact more carefully. In implementing these new initiatives, the EPA has shown a commitment to monitoring and controlling the effect that a constant stream of chemicals and harmful substances – no matter how small those substances may be – may have on the environment.

The EPA’s commitment to the above course of action should not be limited to only the harm caused by PFAS, but should also extend to other similar sorts of environmental harm … This letter requests that Mifepristone be viewed in the same lens with which the government looks at PFAS, and that regulation of Mifepristone follows in a similar manner to the regulation of other harmful substances.

At present, government-sanctioned, corporate dumping of medical waste has been de facto set up by the Biden Administration’s FDA policy changes. No matter the political preferences of the administration, the law requires environmental safeguards for the food and water supply of the nation.”

More than seven years ago, SFLA began highlighting the growing Chemical Abortion Pill market as it became more of an issue on college and university campuses. Since then, SFLA has been leading in educational efforts, state and federal Chemical Abortion legislation, social media, and FDA citizen petitions focused on issues of great interest to the Gen Z, Gen Y audience.

Earlier this year, SFLA’s Demetree Institute for Pro-Life Advancement/YouGov poll found that MORE THAN 9 IN 10 registered youth voters supported health and safety standards for the deadly drugs as well as environmental protections.

From the Executive Report:

ON PROTECTING THE ENVIRONMENT: Women taking the abortion pills are instructed to flush the products of the abortion (placenta, the human embryo or fetus, blood) in the toilet. This healthcare or medical waste can be “hazardous if not disposed properly.” Additionally, given how one of the abortion pills (misoprostol) is administered/inserted, some of that medication could be passed into the toilet as well (see this website). All of this could then pass to the wastewater system, potentially affecting the fertility of animals and fish, according to an article by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

“Asked about the importance of conducting studies on the potential environmental impact of waste and drugs related to abortion, more than 9 in 10 (91%) said that it was somewhat to extremely important to have environmental testing, with 37% saying extremely important – up from 30% last year.

“ON REQUIRING THE SAME KIND OF STANDARDS FOR MEDICAL WASTE DISPOSAL FOR ABORTION AS FOR OTHER MEDICAL WASTE: In doctor’s offices, clinics, and hospitals, medical waste of all types is collected in red or yellow bags and containers for medical waste to dispose of properly. These bags/containers are also sometimes used in the home setting, for the placenta from at-home births, for miscarriages, and to collect kidney stones, among other reasons. Considering the environmental impact noted above, how important is it to require those who distribute abortion pills to also provide medical bags/ containers to collect the products of abortion and return to the provider for disposal?

“9 in 10 supported requiring Red Bag Medical Waste disposal of the chemically tainted blood, placenta tissue, and human remains from abortion, with 33% saying this was extremely important, up from 30% last year.”

“Even if you support abortion, that’s not an argument in favor of abortion pollution in our drinking water. It’s clear that the Biden Administration is giving a billion-dollar U.S. abortion enterprise a gift – government-sanctioned rights to pollute. Neither hospitals nor brick-and-mortar abortion vendors can flush human remains and placenta tissue, not legally anyway. But that’s what’s happening today, in homes and dorms across America. The very least we should be able to expect is tracking the waste to determine how much at risk we all are,” said Hawkins.

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