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to demand your Federal Legislator stops the distribution of Chemical Abortion drugs.

Chemical Abortions make up more than 54% of abortion in the United States today, ending over 670 preborn lives every day. These dangerous drugs can be distributed online and through the mail. This is extremely dangerous for women who may be taking these drugs alone or forced by their abusers. In addition, it can bypass state laws against abortion, which strips citizens of a meaningful vote on the issue of abortion. Chemical Abortion drugs are dangerous and should at least require a physician's prescription. Having them available online puts women at risk.

Nearly 30 women, that we know of, have died after taking the Chemical Abortion Pills. In addition, women have experienced serious complications from these drugs including hemorrhaging, the life-threatening continuation of an undiagnosed ectopic pregnancy, severe cramping, and more! Online distribution places women at an even greater risk of complications.

The Supreme Court has sent the abortion issue back to the states, allowing citizens to set up laws regarding abortion in their states. Allowing Chemical Abortion distribution online and across state lines, flies in the face of the Courts decision and strips us citizens of the right to vote on this important issue.

We must ask our Federal Legislators to act now to stop the distribution of Chemical Abortion drugs.

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