have you been hurt by chemical abortion?

You have rights.

If you had a chemical abortion, either through an in-person experience at an abortion facility or through a mail order telemedicine platform, and felt that you were not fully informed of what you would experience or of the potential harms of taking the chemical abortion pill cocktail of mifepristone and misoprostol, that may be CONSUMER FRAUD and you can report it.  

If you were not told about these potential side effects or risks, you were likely not fully informed and can report CONSUMER FRAUD: 

  • Feeling tired or crampy for a day or more
  • Minor pain like a period
  • Tender breasts that may leak a milky discharge
  • Chills, fever, or nausea
  • Short term bleeding
  • Follow-up surgical abortion
  • Excessive bleeding
  • Blood loss leading to an ER visit
  • Unexpected amount of pain
  • Seeing the embryo/fetus
  • Permanent infertility if you are Rh Negative and you do not receive a Rhogam shot after the abortion
Consumer Fraud can be reported directly to your state through the links below.  After you have reported your experience, please let us know as we want to make sure these reports are taken seriously by emailing us at [email protected].