How does chemical abortion disrespect women?

The rise of chemical abortion is decisive proof that abortion vendors’ mission is money, and their plan is to abandon women to whatever happens next. They fight to remove safety regulations, ignore research that says women are hurt by it, and even advise women to lie to their doctors if the chemical abortion goes awry and they need to go to the ER.

In a piece for The Atlantic, it notes: “However, if women using these regimens experience heavy bleeding or some other complication—as about 3 percent of women have—they are generally advised to go to a hospital and say they had a miscarriage.” To clarify, 3% of women who seek chemical abortions is 7,435 annually.

They formally instruct women who take powerful drugs by themselves at home to go to the ER and lie to doctors about what’s wrong with them. With only false information to work with, doctors’ attempts to heal (or even save) the post-abortive woman are at a disadvantage. Chemical abortion is growing rapidly in part because of its appeal to the sellers; there is no liability for them, little time and money involved, and it’s difficult to regulate.

Deception attempts continue in other ways, including a chemical abortion distributor naming themselves “Plan C” and abortion industry focus groups testing out rebranding chemical abortion to be called “missed period pills.” If it wasn’t clear that they don’t respect women and think we’re idiots, that last one proves it.

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